A212 1998 67.70x9.70x4.70 Meters 2,000,000USD avaiable
A342 2010 49.20x13.80x6.90 Feet 988,000USD brand new available for immediate delivery, we have 3 under construction and can delivery those with in 60 days. Powered by 920 horseppwer Hyundai diesel ...
Summary of Vessel Activity

Offshore Crew Boats carry from as little as 10 pax to just over 200 pax. Also known as passenger boats, Fast supply intervention boats, FSIV Crewboats generally used to provide shuttle service for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

Crew boats usually have BHP range from 1500BHP upto 5,000BHP.include Bow thruster for extra maneuverability.

Fast Supply Intervention Vessels (FSIV) usually provide emergency supplies and response teams.

Surfer crew boats often transport staff members to oil facilities and move them around each different platform.